Author Life / Lifestyle · August 8, 2018

Writing Playlist: The Feels


Hello, people!

Today is a simple music post because on Friday I have a super exciting one! Honestly, it’s mostly just exciting for me, but either way—exciting!


Typically when I write, I play movies scores or instrumentals in the background—no words to distract me from creating my words. I’ve done this for the past couple years, but recently, I’ve noticed at times I start zoning out rather than in to my writing. It’s like the music is too calming for me to focus or it just goes away all together, blending into white noise.

To combat this, I’ve collected songs since February of this year (hence the playlist name of 2.18) that are slower, not necessarily calmer, but slower and typically softer.

AND they have words! I’ll admit sometimes I sing instead of write or I start creating another story based on the song, but usually it helps me get back on track.

To be trendy and hip, I’d say this playlist gives me all the feels.

Let me know what songs you love to write to! I love adding more to my list!


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