Author Life / Uncategorized · March 8, 2017

Writing Moods

I just finished writing my first EVER completed book (hallelujah)! 

I was so pumped about it, even printed the entire thing out to start editing. I’ve started planning the second (and final) book in the series and all seemed well. 

Except now I’m writing a completely different book…

I’m learning that I write way better and smoother when I’m excited about the material (no shit, I know). I just can’t get myself to continue with the two book series, at least not now, and I feel bad that I’m leaving the story unfinished. Seriously though, when I try to write the second book, I sit and start it the screen and write next to nothing. 

I will continue writing this new idea, because I fricken love it, but I want to get back on the the series afterwards. 

What do you do to get excited about an old idea? 

I’m worried I won’t ever finish it and to be honest, that makes my heart hurt a little. 

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