Outside, Sullivan motioned Lucy to stay close behind him. “Act casual.”

Lucy held in a snort. There was nothing casual about the situation. As soon as she looked behind them, people dressed to perfection in white suits were on their tail. “I think we’ve got to move a little faster than casual.” She tugged on his jacket.

Sullivan swore under his breath and grabbed her hand. “Don’t let go.” He started running. Lucy started stumbling.

She quickly got in the rhythm of the run and held tight to his hand. That was something she could listen to. She’d rather not get left behind.

Once they reached the woods, Sullivan pulled them into the brush. He put a finger to his lips and slowly pulled her forward, hunched over to blend in with the trees. The sudden cautiousness had Lucy worried, so she followed suit with no question.

To focus on not freaking out, Lucy stared at her feet. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other.

And then a bright blue flash of light hit a tree in front of her. It shattered the bark.

She freaked out.

Sullivan tugged her away, darting through trees, jumping over brush, and dodging through branches. There were more than enough scratches on them by the time he toppled over her into the dirt.

“What the f—?”

“Quiet,” Sullivan whispered in her ear. He was using his forearms to hold his weight above her. “The blue lights are bullets. It hits you, you’re dead.”

“Yeah, I got that when it destroyed a freaking tree.” Lucy mumbled into the dirt she was practically inhaling.

Sullivan slowly moved off of Lucy, but stayed on his knees. “We need to keep moving. The sun is going down fast. It’ll help.”

Lucy shook her head but pressed herself up. “I’m going to die.”

He ignored her and pointed ahead. If they stayed low to the ground and moved at a slow pace, the brush would hide them.

At least that was the theory.

A few feet down and more blue lights hit above them. Pieces of bark flew over their bodies.

“Sullivan.” It was the first time Lucy had said his name and it strained her throat. She was not happy.

He looked over at her. “We need to run.”

“Are you insane?” Lucy’s eyes were saucers.

Again, he shook off her words, looking through the branches and leaves that hid them. “Now.”

Before anymore complaints could leave her mouth, he grabbed her wrist. Though she wasn’t exactly ecstatic about the decision, this time she was prepared and was hot on his heels. Their run was accompanied by many more shots of blue light. The only saving grace was the night had fallen. They just needed to find somewhere to hide.

Sullivan made an abrupt stop and threw Lucy in a hole, hopping in behind her. It was rock, like a cave, and narrow, but deep. They shuffled all of the way back and sat in silence.

It was hard for Lucy to decipher between the breeze that moved the leaves and the footsteps that moved the dirt. For the first time, she put trust in Sullivan to know which was which.

After several long moments of intensely squeezing her eyes shut, Lucy watched horrified as Sullivan made his way out in the open. Her heart beat sped up as he gestured her to come out. She shut her eyes one last time. “You can do this,” she whispered.

It was dark and it was quiet. Lucy was almost certain they were out there, but she let Sullivan lead her through the forest and somehow they made it back to the gate-like trees. When they came out into the village on the other side, Lucy stopped walking.

“What the hell was that?” she asked.

Sullivan was a few steps ahead of her. He stopped, looked up to the sky, and turned around. “That was the WDS, you know the bad guys you gave the book to. We try to defeat them, they try to kill us. Welcome to the rebellion.” His words were laced with sarcasm, but she knew they were the truth.

“Why did they just leave?”

He smiled, but it was far from friendly. He was annoyed. “They don’t know the woods and they know we’ll be back out. It’s timing for them.”

“What?” Lucy couldn’t make sense of anything that came out of his mouth. She ran a hand through her hair and looked back at the exit. Her bed sounded great right now.

“You’ll get your answers from Piper and Enzo. Let’s go.” He didn’t wait for a response and Lucy had no interest in catching up to him. She walked at her own pace and entered the house she was in yesterday a few moments after him.

Her arms were crossed and she didn’t break, even when she saw the worried expressions of Piper and Enzo. “What is going on? You—you can trust me.” Her composure faltered a bit at the end. She hoped it was believable because without really thinking about it, she knew she needed to be here.

Piper nodded once. “You might want to sit for this.” She pointed to the couch that had one side preoccupied by a grumpy bodyguard—at least that’s what it looked like at this point. She sat on the other side.

“WDS is an organization created from the top most scientific achievers. They have breakthroughs monthly, makes billions yearly, and no one can stop them.” Piper sat down across from her.

Lucy opened her mouth to speak, but the older woman held up a hand. “Please let me say all I have to say,” Piper said. With a nod, she continued. “You haven’t heard of WDS because they don’t exist yet. They are from the future.” She eyed Lucy, but she still held her curious, though terrified expression, so Piper kept going.

“Time travel is their main breakthrough in the future. That is how they are here now and why they haven’t wiped us out yet. There are rules to follow if they want to go back to a time where they are in charge.”

Enzo leaned on the back of the chair Piper was sitting in. “You are connected somehow to their story,” he added. “First it was the book, but the fact that they are still after you tells us you still hold power over them. That’s why we need the book, to find out why.”

Lucy rubbed her eyes and rested her chin in her hands, her elbows on her knees. “What is this book?”

“You wrote it.” Enzo sighed. “Somehow a team of so-called rebels figured out how to send items back in time. Every one here has had some type of note sent back to them from their future selves or family. Piper received a list of all those people. It’s how we were able to create this village.”

“The book is your item,” Piper said. “Your future self sent it back in time to tell you how to stop the WDS.”

“Why would I know that though?” Lucy leaned forward in her seat, meeting the eyes of those in front of her. They didn’t look promising.

“Look,” Sullivan spoke from beside her. She had almost forgotten he was there. “All we know is that you’re the reason the WDS started.”

Lucy’s eyebrows furrowed together. “But I don’t even like white,” she mumbled.

He looked her straight in the eye, causing a shiver to run down her back. “You started it. You can stop it.”


This is a long one! But I’m having a great time writing it, so whatever. That’s all that counts! 🙂 Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think!


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