“Where’s the book?”

This new man was becoming a lot less calm by the minute. He stepped closer, reaching out to grab Lucy’s arms.

Lucy stumbled back. “Uh, no,” she said, returning to her wide-eyed, what-the-hell expression. “You need to leave, uh, sir.” She pushed around him determined to get home.

He grabbed her wrist. “You don’t have it, do you?” His eyes pierced into hers.

A wave of nausea kicked Lucy in the gut and she clenched down on her jaw. She started to shake her head, ready to babble how only the crazy men wanted to talk to her, but she barely had the chance.

Mystery man number two dragged her down the street with no warning. Lucy only kind of caught on when her head whipped back from the force. Mystery man number one and other friends in white were behind them.

They ran in and out of alleys, blocks past her apartment, and into the woods that surrounded the west side of town. They didn’t stop until Lucy tripped over a fallen branch and almost took him down with her.

“No!” Lucy yelled as he tried to pull her along again. “I’m not going with you,” she panted and looked around the wooded area they had stopped in. “No sign of the guys in white. I’m leaving.” Her hands hung in the air in front of her as if that would block him from getting closer.

“You need to come with me.” The man said, completely unfazed from both her reaction and their running. “Lucy.”

“No!” She started to walk backwards. “I don’t know you and even if you know my name, you don’t know me. I don’t have that book, so I have nothing you want. I’m leaving.”

He said nothing and Lucy felt comfortable enough to turn and walk away. Of course, there’s always a reason for false security.

She bumped into the chest of a much larger man in similar attire to the one she was trying to leave. Lucy let her head fall back, a frustrated whine falling from her lips.

“Let’s go,” the large man said and gently turned Lucy around by her shoulders, her head still back and her eyes still closed.

He walked her forward and the three continued on deeper into the woods.

“My name is Sullivan.” It was the first man from the woods who spoke. “I’m sorry we had to meet this way. I know your scared.”

“I’m not scared,” Lucy mumbled under her breath. She was of course, terrified even, but she didn’t like people pointing it out.

“There’s just a lot we need to tell you and it can’t happen out here,” he finished, glancing over at her.

Lucy met his gaze from the corner of her eye and nodded. As soon as she could run, she was out of there. A squeeze to her shoulder drew her attention to the tall man on her left.

“I’m Wesley,” he said and then looked forward with nothing else to say.

Lucy raised her eyebrows, but left it alone. She didn’t care to know about these men. She just wanted to get away and quick.

These chapters will start to get longer as we go, for sure, but not having the pressure of dishing out a long chapter is making it easier to write! Thanks for reading!


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