The snap of cover hitting paper echoed through the room. Lucy all but tossed the book back on the highest self, wide-eyed and crooked-browed.

The chance of an author sporting her exact name was very high—the book had to have seen many, many decades—but her heart beat picked up regardless. It was a bit creepy.

Lucy made her way back to the front of the building. There was a portion of the hardwoods that was scuffed beyond belief. It was the perfect place for the front desk, counter, table—whatever it would be.

She pulled a measuring tape from her pocket. It was one of those used for sewing, so it fit neatly and gently in her pocket. She wouldn’t do anything with the measurements, but her dad would.

The natural light that lit up the shop started to dim as Lucy finished up writing down details to make her shop come alive. She packed up her things and took one last glance towards the book on the highest self.

She crinkled her brow. She needed Google.

Luckily, her apartment sat only a few blocks away and before the sunset had disappeared completely, her eyes were on a computer screen.

She sloppily typed her name and the book title into the search engine, pressing the delete button far too many times. One final push of a button and thousands of pages were the result.

Lucy scrolled through and through, but by page ten, she gave up. There were plenty of Lucy Lexingtons, but none were an author of Where It All Went Wrong.

A puff of air and a hand tugged through tangled hair led to an angry click of a laptop.

“I suppose it would help to actually read the thing,” she muttered with an eye roll larger than life.

Thank you for reading part two of my new story! I think I’m going to use this guy to experiment with writing, which might include some wonky looking grammar, but I’m here for it.

What do you think!

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