Her head hurt and her back hurt. Her stomach hurt, too. So did her legs.

Lucy hurt.

She opened her eyes, but stayed stiff as a board. She was in her room at the village and it was dark. Slowly and painful, she pushed up from the bed. Her legs hung off the side and she held her head, massaging her temples.

Soft murmurs floated to her ears through the crack in the door. She stood up, grabbing the ache in her side, and wobbled to meet them.

All eyes turned to Lucy when she entered the dim room.

“What happened?” Her eyes were as heavy as her body felt and she collapsed on the closest couch, wincing at the fast motion.

“Lucy!” A messy chorus of her name rang between the walls.

Piper kneeled down in front of her first. She held her hand. “What do you remember?” Her voice was soft and a small smile matched it.

Lucy closed her eyes, resting back into the cushions. “Blue lights, evil guy in white.” Her eyes snapped open and she dropped her chin to look at Piper. “Did I get shot?”

A snort came from the woman Lucy quickly remembered as Grace. “Welcome to the club.”

Her heart picked up as her eyes darted between the faces in front of her and she took a deep breath in. “Wow.”

A lighter mood fell in the room, a few chuckles trickling out. Lucy managed a grin, but it didn’t last for long. She didn’t think getting shot would make her entire body hurt.

Enzo saw her face fall. “WDS is from the future remember?” He sat down beside her. “A shot from one of their guns is a whole hell of a lot more powerful than one of ours. It knocked you out for an entire day.”

She nodded to herself and shrugged off her occasional inability to see the obvious. “Wait, a day?”

“You got shot last night, Luce.” Wesley sat on the arm of the couch, though because of his size, it looked more like a casual lean.

She dropped her head into her hands and groaned. It was like she skipped class and was behind on all the homework, drama, and gossip. A hand rubbed her back and her muscles relaxed—a little.

“Hey,” Piper’s warm tone brought Lucy’s eyes back up, “it wasn’t for nothing. Your book.”

“You read it?”

Piper nodded and reached back for the notepad Grace held out for her. “You, of course, can read it all on your own time, but for now, we’ll give you the breakdown.” She sat back and crossed her legs on the floor in front of Lucy.

“First and foremost, I wish you had at least gotten to the first page.” She smiled. “It might have saved us a lot of trouble.”

“That’s a pretty big might.”

Lucy’s gaze darted towards the corner, where the grumpy man she saved, or maybe he saved her, stood. His eyes narrowed down and she couldn’t even meet them.

“Your future self wrote to never give the book to anyone outside the village.” Enzo continued. “So yes, it may be a big might because you had no idea who we were at that time, but you never know.” He glared behind him at Sullivan.

Piper cleared her throat. “You explained a few main things we need to know like, the only reason WDS is here is actually quite simple. They need to gather more of the chemical they use.”

“Because they’re greedy and disgusting.” Wesley did air quotes with his words. “Sassy then, sassy now—glad to hear you don’t grow out of it.” He winked.

A grin crept up on Lucy’s face. She hadn’t been around Wesley that much, but she enjoyed this side of him.

Grace nudged Wes in the shoulder. “You told us where to find the original point of creation for the chemical, which is also where they store it. WDS thinks it will lead them to more.”

Lucy’s eyes widen. “Where is it?”

“The tunnels you and Sully found,” Piper flipped a page in her notebook, “led to not only their hideout, but where the chemical is stored.”

“The magic spot of bright blue,” Enzo said, tracing his hand on an imaginary curve above his head.

Lucy ran a hand through her hair and scooted up in her seat. “What else is in there?”

“Well, unfortunately not everything is good news.” Piper looked her in the eyes. “Starting off with the reason WDS never follows us to the village. That part might be good, but the reasoning you stated was that key members of the village have an effect on WDS’ future. If they come in to contact too early, the future changes.”

She frowned. “You mean future traitors.”

Piper nodded before sharing a look with Enzo. “There is also a portion about your family, your real family.”

Lucy perked up.

“Lucy,” Piper grabbed her hand again, “Your real uncle is the scientist that created the chemical and sold it to the leader of the WDS’ family, though there was no obvious indication of the family being corrupted at that time. After speaking with your real father, he was going to back out of the deal.”

A weight sunk into her shoulders. Water welled up and threatened to fall. “The car crash happened before he could.”

Piper squeezed her hand. “Yes, but Lucy,” she waited until their eyes met, “the crash was an accident—the most painful coincidence of them all.”

Lucy took the information as it was, but a fire sparked in her as a tear rolled down her face. Whether the WDS had been created back then or not, they are still the reason she’s never known her real father.

Silence engulfed the room and was followed by a poorly stifled yawn.

Piper furrowed her brows at Wesley, but stood up regardless. She walked to the table and grabbed the book. “It’s late and we’re all tired, but feel free to stay up and read it through.” She handed it over to Lucy. “There’s still much we don’t know, but you gave us a fighting chance.”

Lucy nodded, gripping the binding of the old book.

Wesley patted her shoulder. “Hey, I’m glad you’re okay.”

She looked up at him. “Thank you.”

He walked away with Grace following suit after leaving her with a warm smile. Enzo leaned down for a gentle hug and kiss on the cheek while Piper said goodnight with a knowing smile. That only left Sullivan, but he was already gone.

It was disappointment that took his place.

Lucy shook her head at his lack of regard for anyone, but himself and finally opened the book. She settled deeper into the cushions and read word by word, page by page for hours. It wasn’t until the room began to grow lighter that she decided to take a break.

“Just one more page,” she muttered.

It was a page she didn’t expect to see. The only words sat small and in the center and she didn’t know what to make of them.


Thank you for reading! This story is taking a bit longer to get out, but I’m trying to decide on how fast/slow to end it, so… that’s why, haha. 


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