“You seriously want me to wait to read it?” Lucy stood above Sullivan, who had made the couch his home, with crossed arms.

He sunk deeper into the cushions with the remote held loose in his hand. “If you read it now, you’ll do something rash and probably dangerous.”

Lucy dropped her arms. “You don’t know that. You barely know me.”

“I know you enough, having run after you countless times already in the few days we’ve known each other.” He shifted in his seat, making room for her. “We’ve waited this long, we can wait a little longer.”

A fake, closed smile met his words, but Lucy sat down regardless. The book was still shoved in his backpack and sat underneath his legs that were now propped up on the coffee table. She didn’t know what game he was playing, but he got her this far, so benefit of the doubt it was.

It was about twenty minutes into some random comedy show before the knock.

Their heads snapped to each other and Sullivan was on his feet, holding out a hand for Lucy to stay still. Light on his feet, he walked over and peered through the peephole. His body tensed and he was back over in a second.

“We need to get this out of here.” He picked up the bag, keeping his voice low.

There was another knock.

Lucy, wide-eyed with a racing heart, looked around the room. She was so frantic, she almost missed the obvious. “Fire escape!” She grabbed his forearm.

Sullivan nodded and tossed his backpack to her. “Go straight to the woods.”

She hesitated. “What?”

“Run to the woods,” he squeezed her shoulder, “and I’ll meet you there.”

There was another knock at the door and Lucy was sure the next would knock it completely down.

Sullivan pulled her up. “Go.”

She jogged over to the window, still with wide eyes and a huge uncertainty on her shoulders. Sullivan turned out the lights as she got on the fire escape and she heard the door open. A few steps down and the fight began. It made her go faster.

It was the middle of the day, a few hours before the rush, so the streets were open and Lucy only looked slightly crazy sprinting down them. She kept glancing back for Sullivan or any of the WDS, but there were only the few random citizens out and about.

It made her more nervous.

At the edge of the woods, she slowed down and hid within the trees. Her heartbeat was in her ears and she couldn’t stop fidgeting. It was the longest two minutes of her life.

When Sullivan rounded the corner, she jumped out of her hiding spot, only to be forced to the ground when a bright blue light took out the branch just above her.

A few WDS were coming from the left, a couple hundred yards farther back than Sullivan, but with their futuristic guns, that didn’t mean much.

Lucy shuffled back into the cover of the edge of the forest and waited for Sullivan to catch up. As much as she would love to get a move on it, knowing he would soon be at her heels, she had no idea where to go. Paying attention those last few trips to the village wasn’t a priority.

After a few more glowing bullets, Sullivan made it and the two were off. Lucy was fast, but couldn’t keep up with him. He slowed down for her.

The two zigzagged between trees and brush, flashes of blue light getting much to close for comfort. They were almost the entrance when Lucy turned around.

“They’re falling behind.” She looked at Sullivan with a smile on her face and slowed her pace.

He followed suit, but reached out to her. “We’re still not safe, Lucy.”

“They can’t go this far. It’ll be fine.” As soon as she said those words, she regretted it.

Everything seemed to fall into slow motion. A man with tan skin and black hair that contrasted with his white suit stepped out from the trees much closer than his colleagues. His gun pointed at Sullivan. The blue light went straight for his chest.

Lucy tried to push him out of the way and everything went black.

Wow, this was a struggle to get out, you guys. I always get frustrated when I can’t just sit down and get this stuff out, but here it is long overdue. Anyway, this is a short story, so it should be pretty fast-paced from here on out!

Thanks for reading!



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