Wesley had clunked his way into the house a little bit ago. Lucy was awake and jumped out of bed to get ready. She doubted he had just come over for breakfast and coffee.

“Hey, Lucy.” Wesley was sitting at the kitchen counter eating toast and drinking coffee.

Lucy’s mouth turned up. “Hi.” She squinted her eyes a little bit and stood across from him, leaning on the counter.

He was happily munching on his food. When he caught her stare he grinned. “I’m only like Sully during work, if that’s what you’re wondering.” He pushed his plate over to her. It had another piece of toast.

She slowly nodded and grabbed the piece, not being able to—or rather, not caring to—take her gaze off him as she took a bite. Wesley didn’t seem to mind as he took a swig of his coffee with a wink.

Sullivan marched through the room when they finished their breakfast. “Let’s go.” He didn’t wait for them to follow.

The trio took the short walk to the main house where Piper and Enzo were waiting for them. Another woman stood behind them with buzzed hair and striking eyes.

“Good,” Piper said, looking at Lucy, “you’re all here. Take a seat.” She moved around the table, so they could sit down. “Lucy, this is Grace.”

Grace, with an expression rivaling Sullivan’s, nodded once towards Lucy and sat down.

Within the short amount of time Grace actually looked at her, Lucy wasn’t able to change her wide-eyed look to a normal one. She sat down, running a hand through her hair. She wasn’t good at first impressions, especially when the new person looked like she could break her in half.

“The book is still a priority,” Enzo began, “but we need to continue our surveillance.” He stood at the end of the long table. “We won’t be able to do anything if we can’t find the WDS.”

“Grace and Wes,” Piper looked down at a list, “you work on tailing them. Remember, stay in contact, but you’re not to been seen together. If one of you is seen, the other can still follow them.”

Grace met Wesley’s grin with a smirk. “After you.”

The two stood up and left the house. Their voices faded as they went, but were filled with jokes and insults. They were eager and that sent chills down Lucy’s spine.

“Lucy, we want you to look in your shop. Sullivan will go with you. If that’s where you found the book, there’s more to find,” Piper continued.

“How do you know that?” She couldn’t hold back the question.

Piper’s gaze hardened, but only for a moment. “We don’t know anything for sure, but your future self had it sent there. Most of us found our note at our home with nothing of importance happening after.”

“And the ones that didn’t?”

Sullivan sighed. “I found mine at a park and then something happened after that we believe will be useful knowledge in the future.”

Lucy waited for him to elaborate on his stark words. He didn’t, just stared at her until she wimped out and looked away. Looking back at Piper, she nodded.

“You’ll be fine with Sullivan there, but” Enzo paused, “just be careful, as always.” He shared a look with the others and suddenly Lucy knew she was missing something.

“Try to stay out of sight,” Piper got back on topic. “The WDS has limits on what they can do, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. We never know when or why they back off.”

Sullivan stood, so Lucy followed suit. Out of habit, Lucy said thank you as they started to leave.

“No,” Enzo said, stronger than he had before, “thank you, Lucy, really.”

She took a deep breath with her forehead creasing and anything but confidence showing through. She followed Sullivan out without another word.

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