The shelves in the old shop had a layer of dust that floated in the air when sunlight hit. Despite the store being completely cleared out by the previous owner, a few knick knacks were left in the grime.

A young woman prone to the spontaneous wandered around the space, gripping paperwork in her fingers. She had just bought this place for far too cheap.

Lucy Lexington typically dove head first into her crazy ideas. This time proved to be no different, as she had to walk by the abandoned store only once to make the decision.

The low price should have been a red flag, and it was, for about twelve seconds. Lucy’s savings account barely even took a hit.

She ran her fingertips across a shelf, blowing off the dust as she went to the next. It was by far the dirtiest place she’d ever been, but that hid none of the mystery. The store sat on a corner lot for decades and still no one seemed to even look in its direction. The real-estate agent even tried to coax her out of the purchase.

She paid no mind to his words. One look at the back wall full of windows that showcased the forest behind and there was no going back.

Lucy wasn’t exactly sure how she would bring this place back to life, but a subtle plan was developing in the back of her mind. It was one step at a time for this building, but she did know it used to be a book store. She liked the idea of restoring that.

A large book perched on the top shelf towards the back reinforced her plan. Lucy grinned and hopped to grab the teetering book.

It was twice as dusty as everything else. She didn’t think it was possible, but the dust practically came off in chunks, like lint out of a dryer.

How long had that book been there?

The cover was dark and worn, but showed no signs of a title, so she cradled it in her arm and opened the cover.






Got this little writing prompt from Pinterest, which led to this blog that’s full of them!

Not quite sure where I want this to go, probably some sci-fi/fantasy thing, but I’ve been wanting to do a new flash fiction. Writing in these short bursts really helps my write a story, instead of getting intimated by putting out long content.

Thanks for reading!

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