What I’m Reading | May 2020

Hello, people!

In order to set standards in blogging for myself and get some structure back into my life because who knows what’s going on, I’ve have decided to do monthly book readings/reviews/comments. I’m not exactly sure what will come out of this, but I am going to read more.

I used to constantly read. I’d pick up multiple books from the public library or the school library. I used to read a ton of stories on Wattpad when I was younger. I have a kindle (that I don’t think works anymore) and read so many free books. I was essentially always reading.

That didn’t trend over into my late twenties adult life.

So, let’s pick it back up, shall we?

I am currently reading two books—physical, hardcover books. Because, hi, my dream house includes a library, so I got to start collecting.

The reason I’m reading two books is because one is fiction and one is non-fiction. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t attempt two. I’m willing to bet my mind would mesh the stories at some point.


First book is Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered aka SSDGM aka the life stories of Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark from my favorite podcast, My Favorite Murder.

If you are familiar with the podcast, the book has much of the same vibe. Basically it jumps between Karen and Georgia telling stories about their life and weaving in the lessons they’ve learned. It’s a fun read because these ladies are hilarious, but it’s also very easy to relate to.


Next, is a throwback fiction book. I remember reading a book back when I was in middle school (early 2000s), but I could not for the life of me remember the name or author. So, naturally I googled what I remembered, which was vague and sparse: hotel, will, murder.

The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin came up on the first page of google and was my answer. Now, I’ve just started, but it’s fun to read an old book and have those memories come rushing back.

I’m trying to read more mystery books because that seems to be the genre I lean towards when I write, so I figured what better way to start with the earliest one I remember reading!

The premise of the book is that a bunch of people come to live and/or work in a new building. An old man that lives in the mansion many can see from their window is found dead and his will presents an interesting mystery.

The book itself jumps between a bunch of the people and eventually how they all fit together (if I remember correctly). I’m excited to read and re-learn everything that I’ve forgotten.


What books are you reading? I need more options, if I’m going to keep this up monthly! 😉






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