Lifestyle / Uncategorized · February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day or Taco Tuesday?

Happy Valentine’s Day, people!

Enjoy this ridiculously heartwarming picture of my grandparents. Right before I took this picture my grandpa told my grandma, “Well, here we are. We’re still together,” and took her hand.



I’ve been single on like every February 14th ever because I don’t know how to do relationships or boys or whatever. I like to be friendly and am at the age where boys too young and men too old are the only ones who hit on me.

BUT, I’m going to take today as a reminder to love myself, appreciate those who do love me (hey, fam), and let strong, healthy relationships fill me with happiness and hope.

Don’t be crabby and let yourself love, even if it’s just loving your taco for lunch and dinner and maybe breakfast if you’re really feeling it.

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