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Treehouse Peace

Treehouse: Write about your own secret treehouse hideaway.

It was the tallest tree. It stood in the middle of the forest, towering over a wide stream that cut through the land.

There was a rope that hung with knots spaced equally apart the whole way down. Only the crazy people took that route—it helped they were usually strong, too.

Most people took the ladder that was fastened to the trunk. It was taller than most would want, but the end game made it worth it.

The treehouse wasn’t fancy, but instead structurally sound. There were floor to ceiling windows and everything was a beautiful unpainted wood.

A lofted area sat off to the side— another ladder led the way. In fact, it kept going all the way to the top where the best part of the treehouse, and the main reason it was there, perched on the tops of the branches.

It was as close as one could get to the clouds. A thin, but sturdy railing lined the rooftop. Overlooking the water, it was the perfect place to breathe in the fresh air.

A smile held strong to those who ventured up, being so at peace once there. The soft breeze wound around them, eyes lifted to the blue sky, and everything wrong with their life flew away because this was one place they would always be happy.

This prompt immediately made me think of the show, Treehouse Masters, which I love. It makes me want to live in the trees forever! 


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