‘Tis afterwords that everything is understood.

‘Tis afterwords that everything is understood.
Old Irish Saying

It’s hard to look up to the sky and trust in the faith that everything happens for a reason. When things skip a beat or turn around, it leaves trails of confusion, defeat—the little light of hope swaying dangerously in the breeze.

The trip is endless as a journey begins behind the close of another. Patience teeters on an edge of desire and hopelessness, barely strong enough to hold out and frustration lingers before the transition. Questions run about why and why and why. They never stop—just take a bridge over to the next.

But then it does happen. A link threads through the actions and thoughts, making a ladder for us to climb on. 

We are here because of what we have done. Whatever happens is an extension of the choices made before, the mistakes made before. We don’t get to know the why until after and whether you believe in written words of faith or you’ve developed a personal faith like me, we rest easy in knowing that there is a reason and a lesson connected to each of the biggest and smallest parts of our lives.

It’s a conscious decision made every day, multiple times a day, to live on trusting in ourselves and trusting in what we can make of this world.

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These are totally “in the mood” prompts. A little relaxing music helps the wheels to turn, but I hope you enjoyed this little snippet from my mind! Let me know where these words brought you or what you took from it!

Thanks for reading!


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