Lifestyle · February 26, 2018

Things Millennials Are Good At

So one day I was frustrated and then I read an article about how Millennials ruin everything and got more frustrated. Fortunately, I also saw Millennials reactions’ and the humor that spilled out of them.

The thing I love most about this generation is how we can laugh during our struggle (because the struggle is definitely real) and keep pushing through despite everyone hating us.

Okay, maybe not everyone, but we are certainly an easy target for blame-game articles.

Either way, this momentarily inspired me to make a list of my own on things we are good at.

Laptop on a wooden table


  1. Not eating tide pods
  2. Having an awkward stage in middle school
  3. Being polite
  4. Acceptance
  5. Drinking wine
  6. Living paycheck to paycheck
  7. Staying humorous in the face of our struggles
  8. Harry Potter
  9. Renting, not buying (except dogs, we buy dogs)
  10. Dreaming big and never settling for less

There is a lot more where this came from, but I really wanted to stick with a list of ten for no other reason than it is what people do these days. 🙂 Maybe a part two is in the works.

Anyway, Millennials have a wobbly start and end date, but from what I gather it’s all the 80s and 90s babies out there. I’m in the second half of the Millennials (aka 90s baby), so this may vary, but from what I know and can see, we’re pretty dang good at these ten things.



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