Author Life / Prompts · May 24, 2018

The Struggling Writer: Writer’s Block

Have you ever been stuck in a tiny room with bricks from floor to ceiling and running around in circles, dragging your hand over the same four walls over and over again?


Let me rephrase.

Have you ever been stuck in a dream that repeats the same sequence constantly, even though you’re yelling at yourself to change its course?

Not this either?

How about being stuck in front of your computer with your fingers hovering above the keys, frozen in time and all you can think about is how you can’t finish this damn sentence!

…crushed it.


Writer’s Block- the biggest enemy, ever.

Everyone hits it and everyone hates it. It’s try and try again to get out of it, completely dependent on the person, but here are a few ways I defeat the block.


1. Grab a notebook or laptop and find a nice and BLANK area to write.

Set a timer for ten minutes (or more or less).

Start the timer and don’t stop writing until it goes off. Whatever comes out of your mind, write it down, even if it is just to say you don’t know what to write.

Most of what you’ll get out of this is nonsense, but believe me when I say an idea will come. Sometimes we just get bored with what we’re writing, so taking a break and writing something different typically helps.


2. If you get stuck writing, there is a good chance you haven’t outlined your story enough. I always keep an outline open while I’m writing for reference. If I’m stuck, I switch back to the outline and add to it. It basically grows as much as the story itself (percent wise, anyway).

I’ve gone through a couple different ways to outline (aka future blog post), so find the way that works for you, but don’t be afraid to switch it up if there’s more writer’s block than writing.


3. Get up and do something else, like eat. I love to get a snack when I get frustrated (emotional eater? Maybe.) As I said in the first tip, getting your mind elsewhere pulls you out of that lovely hole you’ve dug yourself in.

In addition to this, ALWAYS have something on you to jot down an idea because it will probably come at the most inconvenient times. I simply use my phone. My notes app is overflowing with random scenes and ideas.


Well, there you have it, my top three tips to get me through the nasty writer’s block! Let me know what helps you! Writer’s block is always different, so the more tips the merrier!


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