Author Life · September 4, 2020

The Life of a Manuscript | day one of querying |

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Oh boy.

So I finally “finished” my book, A HERO’S SECRET, and have begun the scary, scary world of querying to find an agent.

Let’s start off and say I have research quite a bit. I feel fairly confident, but I have never felt SO UNPREPARED. I’m usually a wing it kind of lady, but knowing the plethora of information out there on the internet, I read as much as I could take without psyching myself out.

To start off, I luckily found this nifty little website,

This site has a ton of good information as well as a mentorship (Pitch Wars) once a year and a side twitter pitch (#pitmad) four times a year. All of this was created by Brenda Drake and a ton of volunteers help.

So PitMad was yesterday and I tried it.

Basically, you tweet three pitches throughout the day and hope an agent likes your tweet. Other fellow writers can help by retweeting to get you more exposure. It was actually a lot of fun. There are SO many good ideas out there, unfortunately way more than the agents can keep up with.

I didn’t get any agent likes, but a lot of people retweeted me, so confidence wasn’t all lost.

Today, I found a website Manuscript Wish List, which is very nice. You can search for an agent based on your genre/style of book. I searched, clicked on a couple and found a couple I liked. Unfortunately, one was closed to queries (make sure to also check their website for updated info!), but one was open, so I emailed her!

Now I know and expect this to go on for a long time, but I’m already so overwhelmed with that one email, I’m going to stop for the day. 🙂

However, I am excited to move through this and figure it all out. I hope you join me on this adventure! Any advice? Leave it below! I’ll take all the help I can get!


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