Sun and Shadows (Story 2)

Sun and shadows never get old. They also have nothing to do with this post.

I got a new phone! Usually, I prefer to whip out the stupid expensive camera I’ve spent so much money on to take photos, but I finally decided to upgrade the iPhone for a little more ease.

I had the 7 Plus. Now I have the 13 Pro.

I literally only got it for the camera because as much as people think we’re on our phones too much, I really like taking photos. I want all the photos. I want all the quality.

So now, I have options for when it’s super not convenient to lug around my fancy camera—like these fun shadow photos. (Hey, I guess the shadows kind of do relate to this post!)

Anyway, the overall point is that I’m optimistic that I’m giving myself more opportunities to be creative, take photos, videos?, and jot down ideas for this place. Obviously, an expensive switch, but in my head, it is jump starting some creativity that’s been lacking in my life.

I hope.


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