Author Life / Prompts · June 7, 2018

Stop Walking in the Woods



It was just past sunset. The sun was gone, but light still fell on the three friends that stumbled quietly through the woods. The girl, Holland, led the way, with Sonny and Callahan close behind.

“Sonny,” Holland looked over her shoulder, “stop stepping on my heel.” She narrowed her eyes.

He rolled his. “Maybe if you didn’t go so slow, I wouldn’t have to step on you.”

Callahan laughed. “Coming from the guy who made the lady go first.”

Their banter continued in hush whispers and hummed laughter. It was getting late and they were treading into private property, so they knew to be quiet. They just didn’t know where they were going or how close they were to anything.

A crunch and snap of wood drew them to a silent stop. The trees were wide and hid them from sight. Holland gripped the bark and peered around. Callahan towered over her, his head fitting above hers. Sonny was left in the dark and he didn’t try to get a look.

Figures in dark clothing were spread out between the thinning trees several yards to the right. They were splitting wood and throwing it into a deep hole. Callahan opened his mouth to speak, but an ominous orange glow erupting from the hole snapped it shut. He pushed off the tree, bumping into Sonny.

“Watch it, dude!”

The words caught the attention of the mysterious figures.

The boys backed away immediately, but Holland was captured in the bright eyes that matched the eerie glow.

Sonny grabbed her around the waist and didn’t put her down until they were out of sight. They ran the rest of the way to the car.

With the series of events to follow, they could only wish they had stopped walking in the woods that summer.

Trying to get back into writing prompts! I always have so many story ideas that this is actually turning out to be a way to organize them for later. 🙂

Snagged this from Promptuarium!

Thanks for reading!



P.S. this is a repost because since I moved my site to a self-hosted blog and didn’t purchase an additional plan, my post were not showing up in the search or tag area of the Reader. Hopefully it’s working now because money was spent and it wasn’t the in the happiest of ways. 🙂



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