Lifestyle / Lifestyle Rambles / Photography · December 17, 2020

Still not ready.

Neglect is the theme of this blog this fall and now winter and I’m still not ready to figure it out. I do hope to create an actual plan and guide to keep myself consistent like I once was. I’m giving myself the entire winter to figure that one out.

Things are weighing on me pretty heavy right now and I’m not quite sure how to handle it. Frankly, I don’t even feel like that statement is true, but my body keeps telling me it is.

The next month is full and after it passes, I will be able to relax (and post a blog about all that happened because I guess it kind of is a big deal).

Other than that, I will leave this post quite short. I just wanted to say that I found a new way to edit my personal photos that I really, really, really like. I haven’t found that yet, so it’s pretty exciting.

See! It’s like fake film!


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