Stationary Design: Sunsets

Got a little inspiration last night and I don’t know why or how, but it resulted in a bit of graphic design for imaginary stationary. Of course with the beautiful summer weather and later nights, a sunset was easy inspiration.

This “set” includes a journal, notepad, envelopes, and two different styles of cards (casual and thank you). I used a watercolor style to show off the bright colors in a subtle way and this is probably the only time I’ve used (or will use) the stroke to outline words. I like it though!

stationary-idea-2-SUNSET        stationary-notes-SUNSET



stationary-hey-you-SUNSET                 stationary-thank-you-SUNSET


Stationary sets usually have sticky notes, pens, pencils, some sort of case, and other random things, but this is my first time, so I’m staying simple. 🙂


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