Author Life / Prompts · June 22, 2018


Every so often a dream catcher must be “emptied” of the nightmares it has caught.


“Sir, he found her.”

A wiry woman walked into the room with windblown hair and wide eyes. “He found her,” she repeated.

Kate Young had been in charge of dumping nightmares in this district for eleven years. She took her start as a Morph just after he was stripped of power and banished to Nox. There had never been a worry that the nightmares she emptied were any more than figments of imaginations gone wry, but tonight changed things.

Her boss, Head of Morphs and retired Morph himself, stared out the window over Riverside, unaffected by her words. David Armstrong had long known of the possibly of his return. He wouldn’t admit it out loud, but he was waiting for the night it would happen.


David turned on his heel and sat down at his desk with a sign. “What did you see, Kate?”

Kate closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “It was hard to see anything, you know, most nightmares stay dark, but this time there was a deep blue glow — his glow.” Her hands animated the words. “David, a young girl was dreaming this. She can’t be any older than ten and,” she stepped closer to his desk. “she has bright white hair.”

A silence fell between them, a thick, cold silence. No words needed to be spoken. They knew what this meant.

He was coming back.

I found this prompt a while back and attempted to start a story. I got about a chapter in before switching back to my other stuff. Here is the little intro to it!

Thanks for reading!


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