Lifestyle / Photography · April 25, 2020

Nature Heals

Howdy ho, peeps. This week’s post I’m stepping away from you-know-what and focusing on my hobbies—photography and writing.

Last week, I went on a social distanced adventure to a state park in Wisconsin along the Mississippi River.

It was stunning. It smelled heavenly and reminded me of one of my favorite places on earth—my cabin. That hit special because my cabin is in Canada and currently the borders are closed and we aren’t sure the next time we get to go up.

I also spent too much money investing in a new more professional camera. I am SO excited to try it out (along with some new editing tools I purchased for photoshop). I’ve been thinking for a long while about upgrading from my starter camera and it feels good not only to actually purchase it, but to be able to afford it. That is something I wasn’t sure would happen.

Now to keep the good vibes going, I’ve been editing my story more! This is the first story I want to try and traditionally publish and I’ve been at such a standstill with motivation to push through the “last” big edit. For some reason, a little sadness and disappointment was the key this time. Maybe I’m ready for some change in my life. Maybe I’m ready to move forward at full speed.

It’s kind of exciting.


Now, please enjoy some of my fav photos from my little adventure.






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