I’m been procrastinating posting because I’ve been using new SEO tricks and they are very intimating, but today I’m ignoring that and showing you my favorite place in the world.

I live in Minnesota in the United States, but my family cabin is right across the border in Ontario, Canada. With the entire world on lockdown because of the pandemic and the US being the shitshow at maintaining it, the borders are closed.

This year would have been the first summer since working like an adult that I could have made it up at least twice if not more. It stinks, but I know its for the health of others (even though it would be like the most socially distanced place we could be).

In honor of the joy that is found there and in my selfish sadness, here are some pictures of my favorite place in the world.

I may have photoshopped a pretty sky in there, but the feeling is all the same.



4 Replies to “My favorite place in the world.”

  1. Hopefully the rest of the U.S. will get their sh*t together and they’ll open the borders. I live in Ontario and it’s a beautiful province with so much gorgeous scenery. But you already know that.

    1. I wish we would! But I’m pretty sure that won’t happen for a while. 😔 I’ll have to make due with reminiscing over my photos until then!

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