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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror: What if your mirror started talking to you?

The time it spent Holland to get home was cut in half compared to the usual. She expertly handled the awkward half walk, half run all the way to her house.

She practically face planted into her front door, gripping the handle to unlock it. The strength used to push open the wooden door caused it to bounce against the entryway wall. Holland kicked behind her to close it and the door clicked shut.

Lights remained off as she ran through her kitchen and living room and straight to her bedroom. Holland stumbled into her room, kicking off her shoes and bypassing the light switches. Her bedroom window was open and let enough sunlight splash in.

The rolling chair for her desk was slightly pushed away giving Holland enough room to dive and slide in to work. She yanked open her laptop that sat neatly on the old wood desk and immediately launched the internet. She typed in any keywords that could relate to mirrors, but all she kept finding were the same old tales she heard as a child. She couldn’t even find information on the lessons she learned in secondary.

Holland groaned and threw her head back. How could the internet fail her now? She leaned forward, placing her elbows at the sides of the computer. Running her hands down her face, she decided to try one last phrase.

talking reflections

It was a last-ditch effort for any sort of story about the supposed parallel universe. She scrolled through the pages of results, almost mindlessly. She knew it was useless, but at the same time she didn’t want to give up.

With one last sigh that let all of the air out of her body, Holland scrolled to the bottom of the page. She gave a fleeting glance, instantaneously going to close out, but something caught her attention.

The reflections that talk back: Your other self.

The headline was the only wording in the last result on the page. It was colored a bright blue.

Holland clicked on the link and it brought her to a simple grayscale website. It had a thin black border around the entire page. There were no other links, no menu, and no pictures. There were just words, a story, not even two paragraphs long.

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, there were objects with such shine and gloss that they reflected the utmost beauty onto the land. The magical items were called mirrors. They showed us a picture that was almost identical to the world around us, but held so much more depth. In fact, stand in front of a mirror and see not yourself, but someone who looks like you, talks like you, but lives a very different life in a very different place. 

Our reflections are truly wonders of the world and they will continue to teach us of fantasies we’ve never dreamed, adventures we’ve never been, and tragedies we’ve never seen.

Holland slowly drew her hand off of her laptop. She stared at the screen rereading the passage again and again. The story started out like any other, explaining the wondrous world of mirrors. The fairytale-like stories that she had grown up with were always filled with joy and curiosity. Holland had never seen one that alluded to anything bad whatsoever and maybe that was why the last sentence made her skin crawl.

A shudder escaped her body and Holland slammed shut the computer. She shook her head and hastily left her desk. Her bed was unmade from this morning, so she ran right in and covered up in a cocoon of blankets.  It was a bit earlier than Holland liked to go to bed, but she needed to shut off her mind for the night. With what had happened today, she couldn’t wrap her head around any sort of conclusion. Her bed was a sanctuary of fluffy pillows and soft blankets. It was all she needed to fall into a deep sleep and temporarily forget her reality and that is just what she did.

I read this prompt and knew immediately that I had to grab an excerpt from a story I haven’t finished and am not sure I will finish. We all have those, don’t we?

Anyway, some back story is that mirrors were banned “because vanity”, but really because scientists discovered our reflections were people in a parallel universe and needed our help in a war. The government wanted no part, so they got rid of mirrors before scientists could figure out a way to open a portal. Holland grew up in a world with no reflective surfaces. 

…I’ll probably hit this story up again someday. Revisiting it definitely reminded me of the excitement of it. 

Today’s prompt came from! They have an awesome list to get the writing flow started! 



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