Lifestyle / Lifestyle Rambles / Photography · October 20, 2019

Making my way back

Making my way back one week of scheduled blog posts at a time.

After a couple months of craziness, I feel ready to focus on my creative drive again. Let’s just say, I overwhelmed myself mentally and physically these last two months and have definitely learned what my body and mind can take. A full time job, coaching on the opposite side of the metro, and multiple weekend trips are a no-go for this lady.

However, I don’t regret the insanity because if we don’t push ourselves, how are we ever going to know what we are capable of. Or what path we should take to be capable of more?

At this point, I know that the way I planned things (or didn’t plan things, honestly) is not the way I’m going to succeed, but now I’m excited because a different path can lead me to much a brighter and better way of life.


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That all being said, this week will be pretty photo heavy until I can get back into the writer’s grind, which is never really a planned thing.





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