Lifestyle / Lifestyle Rambles / Photography · September 3, 2019

Life’s Detours

No one ever wants to take a detour, not at first anyway. Maybe by the end of it, the beauty of country-winding roads overtakes the extra hour added to the journey, but no one thinks that at first.

I’ve hit another detour. Honestly, I think I’m still in it—just taking a stroll down mental health avenue, but this time it’s a road I haven’t been down before. It’s like my brain is causing emotions that differ from what I know is in my heart. I know how I feel about it—and it’s a content feeling—but now I can barely hold back tears with a brief mention.

I mean, I know I avoid things, ignore them, but at this point I don’t think it’s running away from problems coming back to bite me in the ass.

It’s just different this time.

But I know writing has been a constant in my life that has always helped, so I’m not going to give up on that. It might take me a couple weeks to get consistent on here again, but I don’t want to leave. This blog is becoming a place for me to heal and I can’t think of one reason to give that up.

Plus, I had to show you this awesome (controlled) slow burn picture I took in Canada last week. I think I might have to blow this one up and hang it on my wall for Fall. 🙂



Soon I promise this time, I’ll post about my newly revamped photography website, but for now just comment if you’d like a print!


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