Lifestyle / Lifestyle Rambles · February 19, 2021

Life Unedited (page 3)

It is cold, people. We’re zooming through February and have landed at the coldest couple of weeks yet this winter. I love a good snowy vibe, but this time of year is always half crabby and half hopeful for the warmth on the horizon.

Which is next week, thank you mother nature. Another exciting thing coming up is the fact I can start working out like normal person again (the reason I ever stopped is a future blog post, so details don’t belong here—oops).

Unfortunately for now, things are feeling quite lonely and boring. In a normal, non-virus year, it’d feel like this, but the fact I’ve been isolating for almost a year on top of it helps nothing.

Living alone is great until it’s the only thing to do.

So for now, enjoy my cold view in a flim-y black and white vibe. It’s all I see these days.


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