Lifestyle / Lifestyle Rambles · February 15, 2021

Life Unedited (page 1)

Who’s back? Back again?

Me, hopefully.

I have some ambition that popped out of nowhere, so I’m jumping on it. I want to start a project and since we are in the middle of this pandemic and going out and about isn’t key, I came up with this idea.

I will be going through the hundreds of unedited photos I have, editing some of them, and jotting down random thoughts. Hopefully, I will create a fun, low key little journey on here that will encourage my creativity (and maybe someone else’s).

This is me and somehow, I never chose to post this photo Instagram.

I weirdly had a body breakthrough this year. I used to judge myself pretty hard in photos and then suddenly—without even trying to—I wondered why I ever thought those photos looked bad. I do think that focusing on my mental health is the foundation of that change. I just didn’t expect it to happen.


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