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Life & Goals

This post is a day late because somehow I scratched my eyeball and it’s a lot harder to do things with one eye than I would have thought. (I also definitely scratched my eye because I’m growing my nails out and I have contacts…)

ANYWAY, despite sitting here fulfilling my nonexistent dream of being a pirate with an eyepatch, I have some actual good news.

My goal of editing 1000 words a day on my book has led me (with many days of not actually hitting 1000 words) to FINISHING MY SECOND MAJOR DRAFT and sending it to people to read and give feedback.

Originally the goal was to get to this point by January 2018. Oops.

July was when something magical took over and pushed me back into my determined self and now here in August, it’s done.

What I learned?

Even though, I had days of not hitting my goal and days of thinking “here we go again with the failed attempts”, I still kept going and succeeded. It’s one small step and I have so much to go and so much to learn, but damn it still feels good. It feels better to know that I don’t have to be perfect along the way either, that as long as I continue, I can do it. If I don’t quit, I win.



Although, I am freaking nervous for people to actually read it.

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