I am feeling the inspiration tonight and decided to do something a little crazy because who doesn’t need some crazy in their life?

I’ve decided and already started to outline the LONGEST story and character arcs I’ve ever attempted. Let’s just say I’m re-reading the Harry Potter series and need to give an entire universe and meaningful relationships that make me cry a shot.

I used to think I could only work on one story at a time, but then I realized that is not how my brain works. This attention span is short, people. I get so excited with so many things, so what is stopping me?

I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the work, of the time commitment, of the lack of recognition (sorry, a little selfish with that one), of judgement, of failure.

Of course, everyone is afraid of what they hold the most passion for or it would never be worth it.

I feel lucky to start this journey with an open mind, with many lessons learned, and with an acceptance that I have many to learn, but most recently, I’ve learned that no one is ever ready for the first step, probably not any of the steps. So, here we go.

So, if you have any tips or tricks on taking a massive, not nearly planned out enough story and turning it into an outline somewhat acceptable enough to work with, let me know.

Otherwise, this is my first update of many on this new ride.

I’ll see you next time.


4 Replies to “Jumping In Scared | Let’s Write”

  1. Seconded! Huge pantser here. What’s an outline? Haha! I keep thinkin I could finish a long project if only I could find an outlining method that works for me. The closest I’ve come is the Snowflake method, but I’ve only scratched the surface on that. I want to take some time to actually sit down and go through it thoroughly. Good luck in this new journey!

    1. Thank you! Yeah I’ve never had an actual way to outline a story—just messy word docs! Haha! I just got Scrivener and have been playing around with it. I think that’ll help the organization of my random “outlines”!

      1. Scrivener is great. I got it last year to help myself try to stay organized but haven’t really put much time into it since I got it because I’ve been more focused on my daily shorts than my novels. I really need to dive back into it and play with it some more because it really has so many useful tools!

        1. Yes! I’ve actually opened blank projects and put my shorter stuff in there too. I still don’t really know all the features yet, but definitely seems worth the money!

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