Pencil to paper takes more time than touch to keyboard.

Mistakes are more prominent, but so is style—the way letters fall on the page over smudges left behind.

Hands start to hurt and the pencil is repositioned. Different styles fill the page the longer time is spent.

But it’s nice.

Bringing back a raw form of writing in between monotonous hours staring at a screen. It’s  peaceful and true and always a statement of you.

I actually did write this in a journal with a pencil (aka mistakes were made) before I decided to make it a blog post. 🙂 

I think I get more creative when I switch mediums. The first story I ever wrote had the first draft in two notebooks, a planner, my iPad, and my computer. It was interesting to piece together, but came along much smoother than if I had to put it all in one spot. 

How do you write? Bouncing around or one solid system? 


2 Replies to “Journaling”

  1. There’s something very zen about writing with pen/cil and paper in this age of technology. For me it’s a return to roots; I didn’t really have a computer until high school so ideas and stories were sketched in notebooks and binders and scraps of paper wherever I could find them. I even used to even give my pens names, they each had different personalities. It was always a sad day when the ink ran out. I may do all my primary story writing on a keyboard now, but I still use pen and paper for plotting and sketching.

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