Lifestyle Rambles / Photography · August 4, 2019

I just love flowers, okay?

Hello, beautiful people!

I took a break. You probably didn’t notice, but I noticed and it was a little frustrating, but also nice, which makes life decisions hard, but here we are again.

To start off actually scheduling posts again, I present you with even more flowers. I got a new lens, visited my aunt and uncle and their plants, and boy, color me happy!

I, of course, spent a little time editing these, but barely because the colors were there and thriving. It was awesome.


Someday, I will get my shit together with my photography website, but if you are interested in any prints, please message me!

I don’t know when I’ll revamp things because I’m also on track to starting querying my book this fall (fingers crossed) and that’ll be a whole other stress load because I don’t know what I’m doing and I start coaching dance next week for a couple of months.

I’m exciting for everything to come, but I also have no attention span, so…


Thanks for stopping by! I hope these beauties brightened up your day!


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