Author Life / Lifestyle Rambles / Prompts · April 27, 2019


It didn’t happen until this summer—the summer the stress went away, the summer she was coming back.
It all started with the color green—in her eyes, her clothes, and everywhere outside. 
It was life and joy among dirt and failure. It was beautiful and fresh, soft and clean.
She smiled more, danced alone, and began again. 
It all started with the color green. 



I wrote this a long time ago with intention of making a little video with a voiceover of the words. Never got there, but I still really like it. Going back over old writings and creative projects that got kicked to the curb helps bring back my creative determination and also shows how much I can’t throw away my writings…

It’s also a brief look into when I started to fight back against my depression—the summer things really started to change—almost a year ago… July 2018.


Thanks for reading. 🙂


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