Photography · August 19, 2020

Golden Hour

I finally took time to play around with the prime photography time of golden hour. You know, the beautiful light coming off a warm sunset?

I wish I had discovered photography when I was younger. I would have been out to this little pond a lot more. But while my family still lives there, I can enjoy its photo perks when I visit.

Golden hour is a fun time to shoot. While most of these photos display the end of the golden light (and not the best time for portraits), the mood was perfect and exactly what I was going for. Not too often do I have a more create photography idea that actually pans out.

I’m pretty pumped.

I’ve learned that within the hour before sunset, there’s an even smaller window to capture that picture perfect light, so golden hour is a bit deceiving. Either way, I have an engagement shoot tomorrow during the evening at a sunflower field and I can’t wait to use the warm light.






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