Over the past couple years, I’ve established a pretty good track record of being introduced to opportunities that feel like a winner.

You know, when you nail an interview or have a really good connected conversation with a future employer?

It feels good. It feels right.

BUT OF COURSE, I can’t have nice things.

Almost every opportunity that I wanted ended in a fluke. Either they decided not to even have a certain position, pushed it back, didn’t “recall” our interview and meeting, or didn’t respond to any calls or emails checking in on my interview time.

This is literally the worst feeling ever and it usually makes me want to cry, but here we are writing on the blog because it happened again and I don’t know what to do.

In reference to my mental health good days and bad days—this is a bad day.


2 Replies to “Getting your hopes up sucks.”

  1. That is the absolute worst feeling in the world. I hate when prospective employers hype you up thinking you’ve got the job and then reject you or straight up ghost you (yeah that happened to me once, I was livid). It will get better. Something even more perfect and exciting will come along and it will be exactly right, but for now it’s totally ok to be upset and frustrated and angry. Get a pint of your favorite ice cream (or whatever your sweet/dessert of choice is), curl up with a good movie (I like a nice sad movie so I can have a good cry and pretend like it’s just the movie making me cry), and then get a good night’s rest. Put this bad day behind you and keep moving forward. My sister loves the saying “It’ll all be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.” There might be a few bad days in a row, but eventually the good days will come again. It will be ok. You do what you gotta do to get there. We’ll be here cheering you on!

    1. You are awesome. Thanks for this. That quote is actually an old favorite of mine—must be a sign!

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