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Get OUT Of Your Rut

I’ve been in some sort of rut for the past couple years, which means I haven’t taken the time (or didn’t even try) to take two seconds and figure out something to get going again.

Now, that I feel like I’m on the rise, I’ve been able to analyze a little bit about the things that help my mind jump and my happiness grow.

It’s pretty standard stuff—things we probably hear all the time, but to see them in a list helps me. It gives me plenty of options and I usually gravitate towards at least one, or rather I can make myself do at least one.


  1. Get music in your life as much as possible (aka everyday). Whether you play, write, produce, or just listen, music takes a lot of us to better places. Bonus points if you include a mini dance party for one!
  2. Take a walk outside. Fresh air does wonders for everyone, you know, unless you live in the frozen tundra, then this option might be off the board for most of the year. There are nice winter days, though!
  3. CREATE anything—good, bad, great, big, small. It doesn’t matter. The greatest of ideas can come from the poorest of projects.
  4. (For writers out there) Just start writing. Do it for at least ten, if not twenty, minutes. Write down everything that goes through your head. Eventually, you’ll find yourself writing a killer idea.
  5. Clean the house. Reorganize. Do the dishes. I either listen to a podcast or some music and get lost in the work.
  6. Exercise. Yes, it helps. #endorphins 🙂
  7. Talk to someone! It’s so easy to get excited when you’re able to bounce ideas off of someone.
  8. Drink A TON of water, but not too much because that is bad. Water gives you energy and flushes out your body of any emotional eating that I will do when I’m in the dumps.
  9. Open the windows or blinds. Get sunlight inside! Even on a rainy day, it can be inspirational to watch or hear the rain.

Find something to fight for, something to work for. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be as simple as drinking two water bottles a day, or writing 500 words every day. If you can focus your mind and energy on completing one task at a time, one step at a time, things will start to change.


So here we go.

What are you fighting for?



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