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Friday the 13th | In the Ditch

Today isn’t over yet ( I have yet to even eat dinner), but I’m ready for bed.

Friday the 13th has never been a “bad” day for me. I’ve never experienced any sort of superstitious events, but have had fun playing into them. Mostly it ends in scary movies with friends.

This weekend however was set for family and on my way to my parents (a two hour drive), I hit slush (aka the beginning of the blizzard we’re getting in April—it was hailing), started fish-tailing, spun out a few times, was super sure I was going to flip, started down the road backwards, before finally backing into a ditch. When I calmed down, I noticed I had just missed a pole.

I cried.

It sucked. I was already driving white-knuckle because of the hail and I STILL lost control.

I calmed down to just shaking pretty quickly and realized I was totally stuck in the ditch. There was no snow, but I was at an awkward angle where I couldn’t go forward at all and needed someone to push me backwards to get out.

After a couple calls to my parents (they were about 30 miles away and abandoned their grocery cart of food to come get me) and an insurance call for a tow truck, the hail had let up and it was just super windy.

Initially, thinking on the bright side, I thought that it’d be the perfect time to get some editing done. I didn’t have time.

THANK THE LORD for the three men that stopped (after like 30 cars passed) to help me. They pushed me backwards into a cornfield (we have lots of those) and guided me so that I could drive essentially between the cornfield and ditch, aka the mud and the water.

My car died twice as I tried to get to the approach that the farmers use. Turns out when I went back into the ditch it knocked my muffler off of its hanger and completely bent the tail pipe backwards. The exhaust could barely get out.

With the advice of the wonderful men that stopped to help, I was able to coast my way to the approach, where they tried to bend the tail pipe back.

That didn’t work, but we found out I didn’t have a spare tire… interesting.

Either way, my parents were only ten miles out, so the awesome men went on their way and I talked to my parents until they arrived.

MY AMAZING DAD then got full of mud and bent the tail pipe out enough (he’ll be sore tomorrow) so I could drive home. MY COOLEST MOM then came in my car to keep me company and we drove ten miles under the speed limit with my dad following.

As we neared my hometown, visibility was horrible, pretty much a white out, but we made it. My muscles were so tense the entire time, I feel like I pushed my car out and bent the pipe back to normal.

But, I didn’t and I’m super thankful to have people around (and those looking down on me—looking at you gramps!) that were able to help me out of that shitty situation.

Now, I’m at my parents’ house, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and waiting for spaghetti.

We’re all very happy to be home.

Happy Friday the 13th.


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