graphic design / Photography · July 24, 2019

Framing Your Photos

One of the things I like to do with photography is to take “boring” scenes or items and make them work for a photo. I’m by no means a professional photographer, but I do have three things I think about when “there’s nothing interesting around”.

1. Always remember the tried and true rule of thirds. It’s simple, but obviously works. I’m a fan of shifting things to the left or right, but I occasionally (like the tree below) like to showcase something front and center. The reason I think this photo works is because the sky in the top third and the super green brush in the bottom third. It gives the photo layers that are still somewhat using that method. That being said, use the rule of thirds as a guideline not a rule. 😉

2. Texture! The photo below is of a large tree with lots of brush next to a shed in my parents backyard—definitely nothing outstanding. The reason I like it is all of the texture the leaves provide (specially after a good contrast-y edit). I was challenging myself with this shot and I think it kind of worked!

3. Shifting focus is my last tip. Originally, I had wanted to focus on the plant in the corner of the deck for this shot, but because autofocus doesn’t really listen ever, it focused on the partially hidden dragonfly piece my mom had hanging off a plant hanger, as well as the front of the railing post. I agree, it’s a weird thing to focus on, but I ended up liking of soft blur of the background taking over most of the photo and here we are. Taking the same photo, but focusing on something different each time is a great way to get great shots.


Like I said earlier, I’m not a professional and I honestly don’t know what I’m doing sometimes, but I love photography, so maybe these tips will help you love it, too!


Thanks for reading!


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