Photography · July 1, 2021

Life in B-roll | 1

I spent a LOT of money on my camera and lenses—and just assuming my future here, at least one more expense lens—so naturally the insane quality has led me into the learning curve of videography. I’m almost positive I’m missing some simple steps to make videos more appealing and easier to edit, but I’m also positive that I’m waiting a bit before I dive into future lessons or classes, so in return, I give you very basic b-roll inspired clips of my life alongside my photography.

To start, we have a very simple night at my parents’ house where we spent time by the fire. It might be clear that I had no plan and I’m here to tell you that I didn’t, but I knew if I tried to plan it out, it wouldn’t happen.

So here we are. I think eventually, I’ll even add an intro and outro screen. 😉

The photos below are the outcome of me wandering with my camera during the b-roll shown above.

I’ll be honest. I’ve been lost and still am with what I want my future to look like. I know what I would enjoy, as many of us do, but how the hell do I get there?

And how do I do it alone? (A story for another time, I suppose.)

I’m going to start here, with posts like this. Mainly because I just paid for another year of hosting/plans/etc., but I know I’ll thank myself in the future, so I guess this is the path I will take.


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