Photography · July 7, 2021

Fantasy After the Fact | Photoshop Art

I don’t spend a ton of time in Photoshop, in fact, I need to learn so much more about how to use it. But when a friend asks for a creative transformation for her cutie daughter, I had to make something work! It was lucky we both had a fantasy vibe in mind.


The hardest part was cutting out the floor, windows, and chairs.

For the floor and windows, I used the object selection tool (which I didn’t even have and in turn had to update my entire MacBook to update photoshop), which made it much easier. For the chairs, I used a lot of the clone tool, healing brush, and a bit of the patch tool. If you look closely (maybe don’t, haha), you can super tell it’s been photoshopped in that area. However, I’m not worried and neither is my friend, so all is well!

Adding in the fun stuff, I used free for use stock images and just popped them in the now open areas of the original photo. I also used a mask to get super precise (definitely a preference, I think I could have done without it since the lines are so straight). I also added a free firefly overlay and used some photoshop actions for the coloring, definition, and a subtle sunburst.

My photoshop actions come from, but they are all over the internet. They are very helpful, so you don’t have to start all the way from scratch editing. I use these on every photo I edit, but someday, I do want to dig a little deeper and learn the different parts of the actions—maybe even make my own! For now, Luxe Lens always has awesome deals that won’t break the bank.

Here’s to more funky and fantasy photoshopping!



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