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Noun: the end of the day, evening (old English)

The sun dipped behind the trees that stood jagged and tall around the crumbing path of dirt and rock. A light wind rustled between leaves and pinecones dangling from branches above. A mixture of burnt oranges and pinks replaced the bright blue sky that had not one cloud to disrupt the colored gradient.

The path, originally made for walking, had grown old in age and disinterest. Many opted for a paved strip along the river, but some still took the chance that wove straight into the forest. 

And what a wonderful, forgotten option it was.

A silence overtook the short journey, whether in the morning or at dusk, but when the day ended, the true magic appeared. Those who walked the path as the sunset rose and fell experienced a peace not found in their reality. Laced through their relaxed steps grew a small seed of passion. Minds opened and drew upon dreams and wishes, molding them into goals. Fresh air forced a calm sensation of determined energy, willing soft smiles to appear. 

Worries of ifs shot to the forefront, but fell in battle due to growing confidence in deep breaths and closed eyes. Fear, while still leaning on dreams, lessened its hold as the world darkened. The music of nature ended the day’s journey with a sense of excitement and relief. It’s as if a new person came out on the other side, full of inspiring thoughts and motivated words. 

Those understanding of the harsh light during the day would return to when light became dusk each and every chance to relive and revive their love of the world and all it could become.


Here is my first prompt in a series that I made up called the “Old Word Series”. 🙂 Pinterest is literally a gold mine of forgotten words and quotes that are begging to be used. So to kick off the new journey of the blog, I’ve decided to post one or two a week. They are definitely going to be my “fancier” style of writing, not that I get very fancy at all, but it’s different from my current project.

Anyway, thank you for reading! If you could spare a minute or two—let me know where this piece brought you. What do you think it means? These pieces will have meaning to me, but the best part of writing is how it affects others in so many different ways than intended. 🙂


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