Author Life / Prompts · March 1, 2018

Dream Catcher

Fantasy: Write about fairies, gnomes, elves, or other mythical creatures.

Kate took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and slowly let it out. She felt her body melt into the air around her and just like that, she was a shimmer of dust in the light.

Lucky for her, her job required the night and darkness was all that could be seen.

She wandered from room to room in the town of Riverside, having memorized her route ages ago. This was her eleventh year and things didn’t change much.

Kate was a Morph and her responsibilities included dumping nightmares from dream catchers. At first, Kate didn’t want this to be her life. She feared that whatever she would watch would imprint on her forever and she would turn into a Negative Nancy or worse, a Debby Downer.

But after her first training session, she realized nightmares were dark and being her job was also in the darkness, it was nearly impossible to see what she was dumping. The nights on the job just became a walk through town full of peace and quiet.

That was until this night.

Kate walked into the room of a small girl with bright white hair. Sometimes she thought the hair lit up the room and giggled how the thought never seemed to go away. She had been coming to this room since nearly the beginning.

The little girl’s dream catcher matched her appearance, white and delicate. She rarely had nightmares either, so Kate enjoyed the easy, pleasant trips there.

Kate grabbed the dream catcher off the wall and spun it in her hand, humming a soft tune as her eyes wandered instead of watching the scary dreams.

Then the dream catcher fell to the floor in a heavy thump.

She jumped back, surprised at the force. They typically didn’t fall unless they were loaded to the brim, but no one had that many nightmares, not in years.

Kate’s eyes widened. This was different.

An eerie blue glow leaked from the catcher like fog over a swamp and just as fast as it came, it was gone.

With a heart threatening to pump out of her chest, Kate threw the dream catcher back up in haste and raced out of the room.

She needed to get back to Headquarters.

This was not good.

Definitely just started a new story about this and then found this prompt. It only made sense to keep going with it, right?

In fact, this actually is something I’ll probably end up adding to the prologue.

I like when writing prompts work out like this. 🙂


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