graphic design / Photography · September 12, 2018

Designing a business card?

If you have read up on my September goals, I mentioned one very large—not exactly just a September goal—goal.

I’m starting a photography business.

Here’s an update. 🙂

So far, I’ve decided on a name (it’s just my name), a logo, and today, I’ve played around with business cards.



Textures Business Card - Front


Textures Business Card - Back


The information on the back is definitely not set in stone (I haven’t even checked if the URL is taken) and there will be more of it, like social media and maybe a tag line (Natural Light Photographer), but it’s definitely a start!

Also, it’s me holding the camera and the picture inside is of my friends’ engagement picture I took (they’re now married, yay!), so I’m pretty proud of it—something that is entirely made by me!

Draft one is done! Hope to actually order some by the end of the month! I’ve looked at a few websites, but does anyone have recommendations on where to purchase business cards?



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