Lifestyle / Lifestyle Rambles · February 15, 2020

Deep in the no good

It’s really hard to not be someone’s priority. I’ve heard every excuse in the book why someone needs to cancel or can’t hang out in the first place, so I took a break from asking those people.

It was over half a year before one reached out to get together for dinner. But now, we’re back to more excuses.

It’s also equally hard to meet new people in your late twenties. Work friends aren’t really an option (I’m an auditor glued to my screen all day) and drunk bar friends… well that speaks for itself. I also have started getting something I like to call “mental health hangovers” where I feel all ashamed and embarrassed for the not at all shameful or embarrassing things I did, so drinking needs to be something I limit.

I remind myself to be grateful for my parents and brother who are the opposite of that, but we live three hours away and sometimes a phone call can’t heal everything.

I just don’t know what to do sometimes.

I am focusing on trying to heal my stomach—apparently food intolerances (I have many) and something called leaky gut can lead to or add to mental health issues.

We’ll see.

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