DAY 2: Make a wish list collage.



This became more of a dream or inspiration board rather than a wish list because come on, wishes don’t come true until you make them goals.

I’m at a pretty simple time in my life (aka, I’m poor), so my goals are pretty general and achievable. At least, they are once I figure out this money thing.

Starting at the top right corner is a very large bookshelf. I really, REALLY want a library in the first house I buy. I love books and obviously writing, so an office lined in bookshelves with a comfy leather chair in the corner is a dream.

Next is top middle, a very trendy, low-key fashion outfit. This is my “I can’t wait until I have money to transition my wardrobe out of early college and into classy adult” goal. 🙂

The middle has two skylines, New York and LA. Travel is high on many wish lists, but it’s for sure a goal of mine. Small town girl with big city dreams in the house!

Lastly (and the only photo that is mine, and by mine I mean Emily’s) is a photo of me and my camera. This is a goal that is slow moving, but moving. I want to get better with photography, of course, but mainly I want to do it more. I’m totally in a slump because of winter and I’m ready to be out of it. I can’t wait for warm weather and pretty pictures, specially because everything is still dead and frozen and not a cute picture.

Once again, here is the challenge I’m doing this month!

Thanks for reading!

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