Lifestyle / Lifestyle Rambles / Photography · March 21, 2018

Day 13 | Inspiration

I have been wanting to post this flower for AGES, but couldn’t find others that matched or an idea to go with it.

I came across a prompt about inspiration and thought I could swing it.


I love this picture, when it comes down to basics, because it’s bright and alive. It makes me happy.

The inspiration I get the most comes from something that makes me happy, excited. It’s an absolute blast to be involved with some like that… duh.

But seriously, how many times do you let yourself get passionate about the little things? I get exceptionally excited to come home from work and take my pants off and I know I’m not alone on that one. 😉

The point is with so much to bring us down into the depths of boring repetitiveness, we just need to remember to enjoy the small things.

Be easily amused. Laugh at corny jokes. Smile at strangers. Post your favorite pictures. Buy that candy you’ve been craving for weeks.

Just have fun with your life. Even the smallest ways count.




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