Lifestyle / Lifestyle Rambles · March 20, 2018

Day 12 | We’re Burning Red

DAY 12: Make a color collage.

Shout out to T-Swift for the title inspo!

This took a little time solely for the fact that I needed to scroll through my entire VSCO library to find pictures with similar coloring.

Red is not something I take photos of very often, so it luckily stuck out like a sore thumb. Though after buying red sneakers, I’m becoming very partial to the color. It’s also super easy to make gorgeous in photos with editing!

I like grouping together photo sets a lot. It really pulls at the creativity strings, kind of like putting together an outfit. (I’m still working on building back up that skill, as it’s been out of commission for a few years after working retail.) It’s also fun using photos that have no reason other than color or possibly texture being together.

I grabbed today’s prompt from here!

What’s your favorite color to capture in photos?

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