christmas details | iPhone 13 Pro Photography

I’ve mentioned this already, but I bought the new iPhone 13 Pro only because the camera is awesome. I haven’t really tried it out because I somehow never leave my apartment (working on it), but I had to document my cute little Christmas details coming to life.

I choose not to have a (fake) Christmas tree this year because my studio apartment is tiny and my taste in Christmas decor has somehow become expensive. Yet, for some reason, this year, I’ve the most excited to decorate.

So to keep things small and sort of cheap, here’s what I ended up buying to spice up my place.

  • Lots of red plaid in the form of a blanket, coffee mug, “pillow”, cloth tree, and table runner. My pillow was a cloth gift bag that I stuff a plastic bag of stuffing it… haha.
  • A second coffee mug because more the merrier.
  • Pinecone and berry tree picks used around my apartment.
  • a table-sized flocked Christmas tree!

My Christmas cheer is here, people, and I’m into it!



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