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Charlie | Ep. 8

Ep. 8

It was so wrinkled, wrinkled to the point where it was soft. The words were almost completely faded. The corners were starting to tear.

          10 tonight at the park. I’m leaving. 

Charlie had been staring at the note for hours. When she found it, it had been crisp and clean, folded neatly on the table of her usual spot in the coffee shop.

She hadn’t see Evan all day, only his note. They had talked about his plans on leaving and he practically invited her the other day, but stumbled over his words and changed the subject to those cute little dogs he would miss.

She would miss them, too.

Charlie was sure she wanted go. As soon as she got the note, she ran home and packed, but now, standing at the door of her house, she froze.

The note she had written for her parent was on the kitchen counter, waiting to cause a scene, but Charlie couldn’t help but want to rip it up and throw it away. She wanted to go back upstairs and unpack. She wanted to save everyone the trouble and leave things how they were. She wanted everything to stay the same. She wanted it to be easy.

Charlie sighed and put down her bags. Her keys clinked against the counter as she dropped them and she walked over to her note for her parents. Her head rolled, stretching out her neck as she grabbed it and walked towards the garbage.

“Some things just have to change,” she whispered and stuck the note to the bulletin board directly above the trash can.


I love this story because it’s simply about taking a leap of faith and doing something to better your life. For Charlie, it was trusting her new friend, Evan, and leaving her small town behind.

At one time, I had planned to expand this into a series. Their little escape would be a roadtrip filled with odd jobs, old motels, and a lot of adventure. Maybe someday, I’ll have to revisit the idea!

Thank you for reading!


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