Author Life / Charlie · February 17, 2018

Charlie | Ep. 4

The liquid was hot on her lips and the steam warmed her face as the slightly spicy apple taste slid down her throat, calming her stomach.

Charlie gazed around the coffee shop. It was surprisingly vacant for a Saturday afternoon. With the lack of chatter and bodies, the books and magazines that lined the walls around the computers and the melodic tune flowing around the shop stuck out. Charlie had never noticed just how welcoming it was.

“Well hello, Miss Charlie,” an elderly man said, stopping at her table.

She looked up and smiled. “Hi, Mr. Hall.”

“You’re looking awfully cheerful this afternoon, specially in this lonely shop! May I ask why?”

Charlie’s eyes widened. Was she really that obvious? “Well, I,” she stumbled and her cheeks grew pink, “I guess I’m just in a great mood.”

“Ah! Yes, it seems to be in the air. I’m quite giddy myself,” he claimed, shaking his body a bit.

Mr. Hall’s disregard for her stuttering embarrassment was a blessing in Charlie’s eyes and she laughed, quietly agreeing.

“Oh, look at that,” he tapped his watch, “I must be going, but” his tone softened, “whatever is in your life now, I hope it stays. I’ve never seen you glow as much as you are now.”

He walked away before Charlie could mumbled out a thank you. He didn’t seem to notice. She laid her tired head in her arms and brushed away the brief guilt of lying to the old man, but she could not honestly respond. He would thing her a fool.

Charlie knew she was a fool, for Evan still colluded her thoughts. They had only talked for a few moments and she was already hooked. Maybe it was because he was the first guy to even want to talk to her, other than her dad anyway.

Evan walked dogs for money so he could travel. He wanted to spend some time relaxing, broadening his horizons and learning as much as he could from others before hitting the books. He wanted adventure.

Charlie shook her head and let go of her thoughts. She sat up, slid out of her chair, and having already paid, left the toasty coffer shop.

Oh, young love. 🙂 Or is it?

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